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What is Airbnb and How Can They Help You Make Money on the Side?

  Do you have an extra bedroom or living space that you can share with guests? If so, it can be very simple to make money on the side by listing your space on Airbnb.  Airbnb is a company that helps create fun and unique experiences for travelers around the world by letting them stay in spaces that Airbnb hosts […]

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The Dark Side of F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence, Retire Early)

There might be many benefits of FIRE. But practically, FIRE also has some darker sides that people don’t want to discuss. So here we will try to break that trend and talk about the negative aspects of FIRE.

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Audio Transcription Gigs You Can Do From Home!

What could be better than a gig that lets you earn money in the comfort of your OWN home on your OWN schedule? If you have a computer, a reliable internet connection, and are skilled at typing, then audio transcription gigs may be just the right gig for you! Unlike side gigs like Uber where you have to pick up […]

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How to Get an Office Job With No Degree

Office jobs can seem appealing when you’ve worked in restaurants and retail. Perhaps you’ve even rolled your eyes when you hear people complain about working in a cubicle as you think about all of the ANGRY customers you’ve serviced, the times you’ve “clopened” (worked a closing shift followed by an opening shift), or the public restroom toilets you’ve scrubbed. I’ll […]

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How to Save Money at the Movies: 5 Ways You Might Not Have Considered

We all like a good movie, but going out can easily get very pricey.   You may have wondered about some methods for saving money at the movie theater. Below I present 5 tips for saving money at the movies. 1. Buy a MoviePass Membership I cannot understate how useful my MoviePass membership has been to me. Think of MoviePass […]

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Earn Holiday Cash With These 5 Side Hustles

The holiday season is upon us! Now we’re all trimming our trees and hanging our stockings, along with many other holiday traditions. Unless you’re named Scrooge, most people welcome the holiday cheer that this season brings. But it’s safe to say that no one particularly enjoys the bills you’re likely to rack up either. Thankfully, there are several ways you […]

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You Know You’re Broke When…

1. Leftover hot dogs buns are your version of fancy Italian bread. When you don't have any French/Italian bread, but want garlic bread with your Italian Sausage ragu and have a ton of hot dog buns. — I'mNotAHRHitter (@ImNotAHRHitter) July 10, 2018 2. You’ve used a credit card to pay off another credit card. 3. When the bank teller […]

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Good and Cheap Cookbook Review

In this video I review the cookbook “Good and Cheap: Eat Well on $4 a Day!” Buy it from Amazon here: If you enjoyed this post and would like more updates on making extra money and saving extra money, make sure to follow this blog by email. You can also follow Thrifty Squad on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. […]

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10 FREE Things to Do in Portland, Oregon That Are Just as Quirky As Portland Itself

Brag About How Your Home Brewed-Ale is So Much Better on a Brewery Tour Dubbed the “craft beer capital of the world” by The Beer Connoisseur, Portland is well known for its beer-friendly culture. In fact you’ll find over 85 craft breweries in the city (and counting!). There are many different breweries that offer tours for free. From Ecliptic Brewing, which offers tours […]