Postmates in Kansas City: What It’s Like to Deliver Here

Postmates Kansas City.jpgParis of the Plains. City of Fountains. Land of Postmates? Maybe that could be Kansas City’s next title.

Postmates has been operating in Kansas City for the last few years and has grown in popularity over time. From restaurants on the Country Club Plaza to fast food joints across the metro to the famous barbecue places like Joe’s Kansas City, hungry Kansas Citians are ordering food for delivery from Postmates each and every day.

It makes for a decent side gig if you are looking to pick up some extra money as an independent contractor with a completely flexible schedule. Much like Uber and Lyft, Postmates “Couriers” use their own vehicles and are able to start and stop accepting orders whenever they’d like.

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My Experience

I’ve been doing delivering with Postmates in Kansas City for a while. If would like to hear about my experience in more depth, check out my blog posts and YouTube videos here:

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The Best Places to Deliver

Postmates Couriers are offered orders based on their proximity to the restaurant that needs food delivered at any given moment. Thus it benefits you to be near areas that have lots of restaurants so you aren’t just sitting around in your car (you are paid per order, not per hour).

From my experience, Postmates Couriers in Kansas City are best served to stick to the areas near the core of the metro downtown if they want to pull in the most orders and avoid any idle time. The Country Club Plaza and Westport seem to get the most orders, followed by the Power and Light District (side note- the parking sucks), the River Market, Waldo, and the Shawnee Mission area.

Town Center Plaza in Leawood and the Prairie Fire shopping center also seem to bring in lots of orders. Once you get out to the outer suburbs in either Kansas or Missouri, the business seems to taper off a bit.



While you are responsible for your own car expenses as a Courier with Postmates. it can be a decent gig if you area looking to pick up some extra income. If you’d like to sign-up to become a Postmates Courier in Kansas City, feel free to use my referral code below!

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  1. Used your code at sign up…started last Sunday currently at 63 two more deliveries to go and you’ll be getting that $125 bonus for referring me. I had to take a break and watch the Chiefs win! I like your videos thanks for sharing. Best Charlie

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