What is Airbnb and How Can They Help You Make Money on the Side?


Do you have an extra bedroom or living space that you can share with guests? If so, it can be very simple to make money on the side by listing your space on Airbnb.  Airbnb is a company that helps create fun and unique experiences for travelers around the world by letting them stay in spaces that Airbnb hosts list for their guests.

You may have heard about the company before, but wondered, “What is Airbnb?” Here I’ve compiled some helpful information about becoming a host.

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What types of spaces can I list?

You can list a very diverse range of spaces- so almost anyone can become an Airbnb host! A quick browse through their listings and you might see everything from airbeds in an apartment to entire vacation homes. I’ve stayed in an apartment that was listed on Airbnb while I’ve talked to other travelers that have stayed in spaces like tiny houses and mobile trailers.

This variety is part of what makes Airbnb awesome. When I’ve stayed as an Airbnb guest it’s an entirely different experience from a hotel because you can truly feel at home.

What type of earnings can I expect?

A really great thing about the Airbnb website is that you can easily see an estimate for your monthly earnings. You can check out what hosts in your area are making here.

Certain things that will influence your earnings will be the number of nights you list your space, whether you’re listing a private room or an entire place, and the number of guests staying.

There is no fee to list a living space on Airbnb. Plus, you can choose what specific days you list your space so it can be flexible around your schedule.

Some people use their Airbnb earnings as a full-time gig. Others use it to save for their next vacation or to pay off student loans. How you use the earnings is up to you!

Guests are charged when they reserve a listing and the funds are usually released to the host 24 hours after check-in. They offer multiple options to receive your pay including direct deposit and Paypal.


What type of support does Airbnb provide to hosts?

Airbnb offers some helpful tools to assist with the hosting process, including 24/7 Host support. There’s also an Airbnb blog with tips on hosting, plus you can get support from other Hosts in their Community Center.

In the rare event that an accident happens, your property is covered up to a million dollars for both property damage and liability.

For your safety Airbnb has a verification process for all of their guests that requires a profile photo, a confirmed email address, and a confirmed phone number. You can require that your guests submit a government-issued ID as well before they reserve a stay at your property.

How can I make the experience unique for my guests?

Some hosts choose to offer meals for their guests or provide “experiences” like bicycle tours or cooking demonstrations. This can be a fun way to get to know your guests and provide them with a trip they won’t forget.

When you welcome guests to your home or living space, you’ll have the opportunity to be a local guide assisting them with tips on local bars, restaurants, or spots to visit while exploring your city.


How do I list my space?

It’s a very quick and streamlined process to list a property. Just navigate to the link below, enter a description of your space, upload some photos, and mark what dates you are available to host.

Being an Airbnb host is a versatile way to make money on your own schedule without having to leave your home! Who doesn’t like some extra money on the side?

Become an Airbnb host here

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