How to Get Paid for Your Extra Halloween Candy (Up to $100!)


Halloween is officially over and now you’re probably staring at your bowl of leftover Halloween candy in regret. You overdid it on your candy stockpile and now you’ve got WAY too much left over. You have a choice- eat it all and be super unhealthy or throw out and be super wasteful.

Thankfully, HealthyWage has stepped in so you can be neither unhealthy or wasteful AND help a good cause. They are currently collecting candy donations for Home Connection Charity who will include it in care packages they will send to U.S. troops.

For every pound of candy you send to them (along with a form you have to print and sign), HealthyWage will send you $10 either by check or Paypal up to $100. One hundred bucks ain’t bad for some candy!

While cash for candy sounds great, you may be wondering what HealthyWage is exactly? They are a really awesome company that will help you make money just by losing weight and meeting your wellness goals.

They have been featured on CNN, ABC, Good Morning America, Fox News, and NPR to name a few media outlets, and have given out over $19 MILLION dollars to their participants since they started in 2009. They help incentivize people to develop healthier habits by making a bet on their weight loss goals, if you meet those goals then you get a cash prize!

They offer both individual and team challenges.

Click the links below to sign up or get more info.

This post contains affiliate links. The site owner may receive compensation when you sign up for HealthyWage challenges. 

For Individual HealthyWager Challenges, click here

For Team Challenges click here

For Details on Cash for Candy, click here

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