UserTesting Review: Get Paid to Test Websites and Apps!

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Are you looking for another side gig to earn extra money online? Well you’re in luck! UserTesting is a company that connects web testers with websites and apps that are looking for people to provide feedback on their browsing experience.

You don’t need any specific experience to apply, although some tasks require you to meet certain criteria to perform the task. Your demographics and quality ratings from other tasks affect what gigs you’re offered.

To perform tasks, you’ll need to have a computer where you can download the UserTesting software. Once downloaded, it will record your screen (as well as your voice) while you browse the website you’re assigned to provide feedback for. They require you to speak out loud, providing your thoughts about the website as you perform your tasks.

You need to keep talking the entire time or they count points off your rating. Examples of feedback you’d say out loud might be “the front page looks welcoming and the links are easy to see” or “the layout on this page looks confusing.” For every 20 minute video you record evaluating websites or apps they will pay you $10 via Paypal.

I’ve had a chance to perform a couple of tasks and the extra Paypal money was nice, but I will say the tasks I’ve qualified for are few and far between. It seems like they target very specific demographics for every task so it’s anyone’s guess who might actually qualify for the tasks available at a given time.

It’s still worth checking out to see if they have available tasks where you could earn some money, and when it is available it is some very easy money to earn.

Become a tester here!

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