1. I don’t know who MATTHEWD551FA is but I just added him onto my promo code 2 minutes ago!!! Thank you for putting your promo code out there!!!

  2. A couple of questions? Do the people have to be home when you deliver the groceries? Do you get tips? Do you have a delivery window if they have to be home- you to factor in things like traffic or lines at the stores? How long is a shift for a Full Service shopper? Can you pick which stores you like to shop in- ie Aldi vs. Costco?

    • It’s up to the customer how they want to rec’v the groceries (leave it w/ them, on porch, etc.). Customers can tip thru app or in cash. Once you get a batch, you deliver it immediately and customer can track your progress thru their app. Shifts can be as short as two hours, you sign up in chunks BUT they just rolled out an option where you can accept batches w/out signing up for a shift. I have yet to try that out. You can choose which orders you accept and it will always show you the store and the size of the order. But if you have a low batch acceptance rate that will hurt your stats.

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