Slicethepie Will Pay You Money to Review Songs: Find Out How!

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Slicethepie is a website that connects users with music, commercials, and brands to provide reviews of different types of content. The website is simple to use and sign up for. Once you’ve created an account and connected a Paypal email address, you’ll be able to review the content.

Expect to spend 1.5-2 minutes per review and get paid a very small amount of money for each review (think less than 10 cents). You won’t get rich doing this, although if you have some free time it’s a way to make money while you are killing time on the internet. Plus you get to check out some music and videos, so there’s that part, too.

You can make extra money by increasing your star rating if your reviews are deemed more helpful than others. Their website says your star rating will increase with reviews that are “detailed, varied, and constructive” in “well-written English.” They also have bonuses and when you log in it will show you what types of content are paying more.

By referring friends, you’ll increase the amount of money you get as well. After a friend signs up with your referral, you’ll get a 20% match of their earnings for the first 60 days and a 10% match thereafter.

If you’d like, you can sign up for Slicethepie with my referral link here

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