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What is “The Gig Economy” and How Can I Use it to Make Some Extra Money?

  After the success of companies like Uber and Airbnb, many others have tried to capitalize on the rush of shoppers and workers ready and willing to use their smartphones to find and post gigs. These companies often rely on contract workers, who work on their own schedules and are not legally considered employees. While this has come with its […]

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Working as a GrubHub Driver- What’s it’s Like

For my YouTube video on this topic, click here! I’ve worked as  GrubHub Delivery Driver and thought I would share my experiences for those that are interested in applying for this job and want to know what’s it’s like. Hopefully you’ll find this helpful! What is GrubHub? GrubHub has been around a long time (since the late 90’s, which is […]