Get Out of the Office!

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Sometimes people get the office blues and that’s totally okay. Existential crises lead to thinking you’re just a cog in a huge wheel inside your tiny box of a cubicle—if you’re in a company that still does that—and there’s no way out. Here are some of my favorite ways to get out of office blues.

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Take a Vacation 
Day-dreaming of Hawaii? Maybe it’s time to go! Burning out is a real psychological phenomenon that can happen to anyone who isn’t taking care of their mental energy and health. Whether it’s a staycation or a getaway to a place you’ve only seen on Instagram, make the plan! Even browsing vacay options could help ease some of the pressure you’ve been getting from work.
Drive with Uber
This one might sound a little out of place but it seriously works​. I feel so productive when I turn on my Uber app to give rides and earn some side hustle cash! Sometimes the office gets stuffy and I just need to get out. Uber is convenient because I can drive whenever I want. On the drive back home, I sometimes turn on the app just so I have someone to chat with on the way there. Sure, it may take a little longer, but rush hour is always bad in any city! One great thing is you can see Rider ratings beforehand so you know what you’re getting into! Remember that dream vacay I mentioned before? Uber can make taking that trip even easier now with Instant Pay!

Try Uber 

Look for a New Job 
The last thing I tell my friends when I hear them groaning about their jobs constantly is to find a new one. Perhaps you don’t jive well with your boss or the distance is just too far and you’re giving up free time just commuting to and from work. There could be countless reasons why it’s not the best place for you! It’s scary but usually worth it to take the leap and go out looking for different opportunities. You only live once and there’s no time to waste in finding what makes you happy.

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