HQ Trivia Lets You Win REAL Money From Your Smartphone


Ever since it launched in summer of 2017, the smartphone app HQ Trivia has been gaining a merry band of dedicated followers that has grown from a few thousand to now millions of dedicated players. The app provides a live trivia game show twice a day on weekdays and once a day on weekends hosted by a rotating panel of hosts, including fan favorite Scott Rogowsky.

Between the host’s cheesey one-liners, you’ll find a series of multiple choice questions that you’ll need to answer correctly to win the cash prize. Every contestant that answers all questions correctly will split the earnings evenly, and as the show’s audience has increased so has the amount of the prizes.

The one “life-line” that the show offers is a free life when you refer new users, so it’s a good idea to share the app with friends once you’ve downloaded it. You can use my referral code if you’d like when you sign up: mattyd123

There is no cost to download the app or sign-up for an account. HQ Trivia was created by two of the founders of the now-defunct video app Vine. If you’re curious about how this company turns a profit, they plan to make money eventually by product endorsements and sponsorships according to Variety.

Download the app from iTunes here

Download the app from Google Play here

HQ Trivia has games everyday at 9PM EST and 3PM EST on weekdays.

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