GigWalk App Review: Make Some Extra Money From Your Smartphone

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What is Gigwalk?

Gigwalk is an app that allows you to pick up small money-making tasks for things like mystery shopping and website evaluation.

Not just anyone can post a gig- so don’t expect to see offers to get paid for helping carry in groceries or put together IKEA furniture. Instead, the gigs come from brands and retailers that choose to crowdsource in “Gigwalkers” to help with consumer research and product evaluation for marketing purposes.

How it Works

The process to sign up for Gigwalk is fairly simple and once you’ve downloaded the app you can be ready to accept gigs fairly quickly. You’ll need to provide account details for a Paypal account to get paid (and Paypal is the ONLY payment option).

Payments occur on a weekly basis and you are paid anywhere from $3-$100 (or more) per gig. There’s no minimum requirement for what gigs you choose so you are never under any kind of obligation with your schedule.

You just log in to the app, check out the list of available gigs in your area (it displays them on a map so you can see what’s nearby), and tap the one you’d like to apply to. There’s lots of Gigwalkers out there, so you might not get the chance to do every gig you apply to. You’ll always find out within a couple days if you’re selected for a gig.

What are the Gigs Like?

The gigs is my area so far have consisted of merchandise checks (where you take pictures of product displays and answer a short survey in retails stores) and website evaluations. Most gigs pay on the lower end of $3-$10, but they are relatively simple and painless to complete.

At any given time, there might not be that many gigs available so you have to check back on a regular basis to see if new gigs have come up. The app also keeps track of your score from the evaluations they give you at the end of each gig and promise that more gigs may become available to the top Gigwalkers. Thus, it might be better to go ahead and accept a few lower-paying gigs in the hopes that you’ll get higher paying ones over time.

My Verdict

I can’t say that I’ve made a tremendous amount of money from this, and the selection of gigs seems to be fairly limited. I’m hoping that as I improve my ranking over time and get more positive evaluations I’ll get access to the coveted higher paying gigs, but that remains to be seen.

It’s still worth a shot if you’re looking for an extra side gig to throw into the mix. I say give it a download and see if you like it.

Download the app from App Store (for Apple/iOS devices) here

Download the app from the Google Play Store (for Android) here

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