Sites Like Airbnb: Make Extra Money By Renting Out Your Humble Abode

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Much like Uber, Airbnb has become a shining star of the app economy over the past several years. People have even been able to make full-time incomes just from listing properties on Airbnb.

If you are looking to rent out your home, apartment, or other living space, though, you should consider the various options that are out there. It turns out that there are many different apps and sites like Airbnb to choose from.

Here I’ve compiled a list of sites like Airbnb to help you with your search.

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HomeAway and VRBO

While Airbnb offers a great flexibility in the amount of living spaces you can rent out, including private rooms in your home or apartment, HomeAway and its subsidiary VRBO focus on vacation homes exclusively.

If you travel a lot or are away from your home for extended periods of time, this could be a good option for you.

Homeaway and VRBO also have a different payment structure than Airbnb for the people listing their properties. Rather than giving a chunk of the rental fee away each time someone rents your property, HomeAway and VRBO allow you to pay a flat, yearly subscription fee for your listing instead.

List on HomeAway here

List on VRBO here


Based in Germany, Wimdu is one of world’s largest competitors to Airbnb with listings including over 350,000 properties.

Much like Airbnb, they allow you to rent out apartments and spare rooms in addition to entire houses, allowing for a great range of options. According to their website, Wimdu listers earn an average of over $1000 a month- not too shabby!

List on Wimdu here

TripAdvisor Rentals and FlipKey

Famous for their hotel bookings, TripAdvsior also lets you post lodging listings of your own.

Their website claims you can list everything from “private rooms to castles, houseboats to villas” so no matter the type of property you’re looking to rent out, it sounds like TripAdvisor has your covered.

It’s free to list your property, but TripAdvisor (as well as its subsidiary FlipKey) will keep 3% of your guest’s payment.

List on TripAdvisor here


This was created to be a gay-friendly alternative to Airbnb, ensuring that LGBT travelers can know that their hosts are supportive.

Whether you are traveling alone or with a partner, misterb&b provides a space for queer people to travel safely without fear of judgment.

It is free to list on misterb&b and the company will keep 5% of the rental fee. You can rent out your house, apartment, spare room, or couch and hosts are eligible for insurance coverage up to $500,000.

List on misterb&b here

Rent Like a Champion

As featured on Shark Tank, Rent Like a Champion is a company that lets you rent homes near sporting events such as college football games, golf tournaments, and racing events.

Renters can list there home for free, and the company charges a 15% commission fee.

List on Rent Like a Champion here


Perhaps instead of listing a home or apartment, you are interested in leasing a parking space? If you live in a city that is crowded enough that parking becomes a hot commodity, then Spothero could be a great way to earn some extra money with minimal effort.

Spothero lets you rent out a parking space to commuters in your area. You get to set your own rates and set the availability as well.

Then if you ever need to use the parking space yourself, just pause your availability temporarily and resume when you are ready to start earning money again!

List on Spothere here


While an RV is a bit like a home away from home, many house rental sites don’t include RVs in their directories. If you are looking to rent out an RV, though, don’t fret! Ourdoorsy has you covered. They rent out campers and recreational vehicles through their website.

When you rent out your RV with them, they provide rental insurance which covers both liability and com insurance.

They are one of the largest RV rental businesses on the net, plus they provide insurance for the renter AND the RV owner.

List on Outdoorsy here

Or Just Do Airbnb

Airbnb remains one of the largest and most well known places to rent out your home, apartment, room, or couch with over 3 million listings worldwide. They allow you to set your own price and will even send out a photographer to take pictures of your property (for a fee).

While safety precautions have to be take with ANY service where you are allowing strangers into your personal, private space, Airbnb and services like it remain a good way to pick up some extra money for your unused spaces.

List on Airbnb here

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